Full scale IT project services, supporting your next major technology initiative


  • Project Management - full and part time project management services for your critical IT projects and initiatives.
  • Network Design & Architecture - design engineering services to help your organization build out its overall network and communications infrastructure.
  • Software Engineering - software and application design services, including full-stack application engineering, DevOps automation and enterprise systems integration.
  • Business Process Analysis, Design & Automation - design and build services for business process automation (BPA) platforms including Microsoft PowerApps and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) Development & Testing - build out policy, procedures, technology services and infrastructure required to address your most critical disaster scenarios (or perform limited or full scale exercises of your business continuity plan.)
  • Incident Response (IR) Plan Development & Testing - build out policy, procedures, crisis communications plan and other supporting technology to be ready for a cyber incident or data breach (and lower your cost of recovery through preparedness.)
  • Table Top Exercises (TTX) - rehearse both Incident Response and Disaster Recovery scenarios with your team to increase preparedness and build resilience into your organization's technology & human infrastructure.
  • Custom Technology Solutions - work with our team to design, build and execute on your own bespoke technology solution unique to your organization.

Use Cases

  • Staff augmentation
  • Term contract projects & special initiatives
  • Network upgrade and modernization
  • Application migration (including cloud migration)
  • Application replatforming
  • New location setup and deployment