Design, Build and Migrate to Modern Cloud Hosting Services


  • Microsoft Azure - Design and migration of your on-premise server systems to Microsoft Azure, leveraging best in class connectivity and scalability.
  • Azure VMWare Solution - Migrate your existing VMWare workloads transparently to the cloud leveraging the Azure VMWare Solution and Azure NetApp Files, without significantly re-architecting your applicaitons, tools and services.
  • Windows 365 & Azure Virtual Desktop - Provide industry leading security and end user experience on a modern and fully automated virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) platform.
  • Cloud Based Disaster Recovery - Leverage your existing on-premise infrastructure and Microsoft Azure to build out a credible full scale Disaster Recovery (DR) environment.

Use Cases

  • Digital Enclave for high compliance or highly confidential data processing.
  • Migrate away from costly on-site Data Centers and server hosting platforms.
  • Leverage world leading cloud scalability to remain competitive with your "born in the cloud" competitors.