Why Ampersand?

Every individual and every organization on earth faces challenges that are Uniquely Human, unfortunately most technology providers lead with solutions and don’t take the time to listen to their clients.

In every person’s life, you will find a time where the only way forward is to rely on others for help. Asking for support may be humbling and awkward, but there are few things you can’t achieve with the right community around you.

As technology experts, we support and aid our clients in countless ways with every interaction, building a relationship of trust and confidence.

Empathy for others is at the center of everything we do. Service is the core endeavor of Ampersand (and has been the very beginning.)

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional outcomes that enable our clients to achieve their greatest ambitions through impeccable understanding, clarity of vision and attention to detail.

Our Values

  • Intentional Excellence – We pay attention to the details of every interaction we have with others, as each one makes a permanent and lasting impact.
  • Empowered responsibility – Each one of us is responsible for the client experience. Take ownership of every interaction with the client with the confidence in knowing that you are empowered to make decisions in support of creating an exceptional client experience.
  • Try, Fail, Win - Try novel approaches and processes, be creative; if something doesn’t work out or yield the expected results, try a different angle.
  • Sharpen Your Tools – We continue to invest in ourselves with education, innovation, and honest feedback so that we are fully prepared when someone needs our help.
  • Collaborate – Don’t win alone, don’t fail alone. We are more creative, capable, and resilient when we collaborate.
  • Have Fun – Find the joy in everything you do, but don’t forget to take time for yourself and work to achieve a healthy work life balance.
  • Shared Triumph - We celebrate our victories, care for each other, and learn from our losses as a team while praising individual achievements.

What is Intentional Excellence?

It just isn’t scalable to build a detailed standard operating procedure which covers every conceivable situation we may encounter supporting our clients. Given that we embrace empowered responsibility, we also provide guidelines for decision making in the form of this prioritized list:

  1. Safety/Integrity - We are placed in a position of trust with a duty of care for our clients. Given this, we have to place their safety at the forefront when making a decision for any given situation.
  2. Courtesy - At a core level, being courteous means empathizing with someone and delivering an interaction that meets them seamlessly without requiring them to reach very far to bridge the gap between you and them. Courtesy is more than “remembering to say please and thank you”.
  3. Consistency - Being consistent in your delivery of outstanding client experience is no small order. Building our practices, processes and time management around consistent delivery means that we have to plan for interruptions and the unforeseen.
  4. Anticipation - Sometimes a little panache can go a long way in delivering an unforgettably awesome performance. Even in the IT support industry, on our best days we can find little ways to really impress our clients.
  5. Efficiency - Lastly, we should find ways to make ourselves more efficient in delivering client experience. However, the nuance here is that we should never sacrifice client experience in the name of efficiency.